Fiona Chan
mum & i headed over to uncle's hse to water plants as usual after dinner
the house looked the same from outside. nothing arousing our suspicion that something is wrong at all
then, while mum was watering some plants by the side of the hse
mum: who throw things in the hse? *walks closer to see what is it* eih, these not our hse locks meh?how come over here one?kena saw off wan? *turns behind and have a look and shouts for me*
myself: whaaat?! *looks at the locks and turn to open the sliding door at the side* after stepping into the hse~first thought was wtf?! die lah this time. some fucking theif/theives decided to visit my uncle's hse!! everything was a mess.

mum called for bro to come over and help while i called my uncle
also, called the resident association and security guards and finally when bro came, he called the police to send a patrol car over to take a look
police came and looked ard & asked us to list down what's missing and go police station to file an official report before the forensic team can come over to have a look at the "crime scene"
bro almost got thrown in the lock-up coz the police suspected some inside job as he was knew so well where my uncle kept his valuables. wtf?!
some time later the police/forensic team came over to have a look and take fingerprints *if there is any*

since it was kinda late already, only packed the place a lil after the police left
while packing, we discovered something really stoopid
the blardy fucking theif/theives even took 2 pillows from one of the rooms, a new comforter and also a new blanket from another room. wtf?!?!
oh and the theif/theives stole a plastic bag full of Garmin (GPS) accessories thinking that the GPS was inside as well~thank god mum was having the GPS for upgrading

at home,
mum: what if just now the thief/theives was still inside the hse?
myself: yahor. didn't think of that wor that moment. somemore i just opened the sliding door and walk in. wtf?! dangerous sial.
mum: that's why i was still contemplating whether or not to go in & check.'
being stoopid me, didn't think so much that time~seeing the locks in the pots. turn towards the door and open to go in. "lucky me that no one was inside already!"

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